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photos of the dead

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dead photos
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This is a nonmoderated artistic community for posting photos of things that are dead. It is preferred but not required that the photos be artistic. Dead animals, insects, plants, and even humans (if the photos are vintage, like a cool old found photo of someone in their coffin from the Victorian era).

NO gorey photos of dead humans allowed, as in no autopsy photos, no crime scene photos, no photos of terrible accidents or rotting corpses. Gore of other things that are in a state of decay will be allowed. Anything gorey (as in blood, guts, maggots, etc) must be put behind a lj-cut.

No posting photos of roadkill just for the shock value; put some effort into it. Photos of art or crafts made from dead things is also fine, like taxidermy.

There are plenty of other communities to debate the politics of food, this is not one of them so look the other way if you see something you do not like.

I understand that we need to have a sense of humour about things, even death, and that death is part of life but vulgar, crass, and insensitive comments about the dead will not be tolerated here. We can see beauty in death, sometimes even humour, but we should still have reverence and respect at the same time. Vulgar, crass, and insensitive thoughts and comments towards dead things breeds disconnection from our fellow earth creatures..

Have respect. We are all one.