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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2012|11:21 am]
dead photos

Dead Frog I

tree frog +3Collapse )

I discovered this little guy yesterday. I must have crushed him this summer when I closed the backdoor. Poor little frog. Its completely dried now and I feel so bad for accidentally killing him. :
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xeto2009b0323 [Aug. 21st, 2012|07:40 pm]
dead photos

xeto2009b0323 (c) ian green 2009 xeto
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неформальность [Aug. 21st, 2012|12:57 pm]
dead photos

Фотографии в альбоме «Улыбка» r2343 на Яндекс.Фотках

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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2012|04:19 pm]
dead photos

A pair of mourning doves is nesting on top of the light on my balcony. Something scared the mother off her nest while I was out the night before last. I came home at 4 AM to find her confused, scraped up, and frantic in the apartment building's hallway. I managed to gently catch her and get her out of the hallway, and now she seems fine, aside from missing a few feathers. But somehow during the ordeal, one of her eggs fell. I found the egg in one of my planters today. Out of morbid curiosity, I brushed away the ants and opened it.
Poor fallen baby. I wish this hadn't happened to you.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2012|08:40 pm]
dead photos

lizard skeleton with ants on it

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Opossum, Massachusetts [Jul. 5th, 2012|10:27 pm]
dead photos

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Осень, осень, Ну давай у листьев спросим... [Jun. 6th, 2012|09:36 pm]
dead photos

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Indian Jungle Crow [May. 30th, 2012|10:12 pm]
dead photos
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death on a farm [May. 5th, 2012|11:22 am]
dead photos

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deadmausCollapse )
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The Rat [May. 1st, 2012|10:09 pm]
dead photos

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Improvised Pet Sematary (was placed near the dead crow)
The rat was buried under the snow, but it melted.
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